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Arroweye: Powerful Partnerships, Proven Solutions.

Going beyond a provider to become a true partner is powerful. With proven solutions and an innovative approach to solving real business problems, Arroweye helps this salesrestaurant powerhouse to focus on sales knowing that orders will be more easily, accurately, and flexibly filled for customers.

Tapping Into the Valuable Gift Card Market

Restaurant gift cards are the most popular type of gift card both to give and receive. In fact, the Retail Gift Card Association reports that 64 percent of consumers prefer restaurant gift cards to any other kind, and nearly 60 percent choose restaurant cards first when buying for a gift.

As one of the largest and most successful restaurant groups in the country, this company understands the value of gift cards. And they were looking for ways to tap into this lucrative market.

Not Just a Solution, An Integrated Business Strategy

While the partnership began with a solution to their most pressing inventory problems, Arroweye presented a three-pronged integrated solution that improved operational efficiency, cut costs, and helped the company capture significant untapped market opportunity. Arroweye approached their gift card programs from a holistic business perspective – like a true business partner.

Digital On-Demand Printing and Just-in-Time Fulfillment

Using Arroweye’s print on-demand technology, they moved away from generic cards and long inventory lead times, and began offering both predesigned and customized gift cards and carriers, including the option to upload personal photos. On-demand printing had an immediate positive impact on revenue, sales and customer engagement.

Technology that Simplifies Operations and Drives Growth

As part of an integrated solution, Arroweye also addressed the restaurateur’s gift card website and shopping card challenges. The team integrated the gift card website into the flow of each restaurant’s existing site, and absorbed the shopping cart and order management as part of a unified technology transition. And because the entire ordering tool was integrated with the on-demand production system, orders flow seamlessly through, print and ship in just days.

Leveraging Technology and Partnerships to Open New Markets

Corporate Ordering Tool

As the company focused on expanding dining occasions and frequency, they needed an opportunistic partner that could create meaningful business results. Corporate ordersNewPlate had to exceed $1,000 just to justify the labor involved in managing the order, which priced many small and medium business out of the market all together.

The organization was already benefitting from Arroweye’s order and fulfillment tools internally, and Arroweye had an idea to turn corporate ordering on its head. By activating the corporate ordering tool on their individual restaurant websites, it became a self-service channel for any size of corporate purchase, eliminating minimum purchase restrictions and the labor-intensive process that went with it.

Results that matter.

But the biggest news was in the number of cards being fulfilled.

  • The company saw a 316% increase in card volume between Year 1 and Year 2!
  • Hundreds of new corporate accounts were created online by small businesses of all types.
  • Small businesses were ordering both above and below the $1,000 threshold.

Arroweye improved the process for existing corporate customers, and opened up an entire new market of corporate clients.



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