• Arroweye’s EMV Capabilities Featured in Paybefore

    Arroweye’s EMV Capabilities Featured in Paybefore

    Arroweye Solutions, the only digital on-demand payment technology firm, is now offering enhanced EMV credit and debit card production capabilities for banks, credit unions and prepaid card providers that are preparing for the October 2015 EMV liability shift.

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  • EMV Strategy for Banks

    EMV Strategy for Banks

    Our whitepaper EMV Strategy for Banks, recently published by Payments eXchange, explains why card issuers shouldn’t treat EMV like a “one and done” project.

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  • EMV Best Practice

    EMV Best Practice

    Although many financial institutions are engulfed in the back-office activity required to implement EVM chip cards, “the cardholder should be at the top of the EMV food chain,” reminded presenters in an Arroweye Solutions webinar, Best Practices to Navigate the EMV Transition.

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  • An EMV Roadmap for Banks

    An EMV Roadmap for Banks

    EMV is just one of many major projects that banks are navigating this year, and few retailers and banks are expected to be ready for the October EMV liability shift. Beyond issuing EMV cards for the first time, a multitude of strategies should be considered to implement EMV successfully for years to come.

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  • Issuers Must Stop Dragging Their Feet on EMV

    Issuers Must Stop Dragging Their Feet on EMV

    There are less than 300 days left until the liability shift for US credit and debit card payments occurs, but it appears that consumers and their credit and debit card issuers are not exactly on the same page when it comes to the sense of urgency around making EMV-enabled payment technology a reality.

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