Closed Loop Gift Card Solutions

Your brand relationship with consumers gets more personal when you power them with Arroweye’s just-in-time, closed loop gift card solutions. Download this paper to learn more.

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To reach digital-savvy consumers, you need to diversify your gifting options and go beyond traditional forms.

Arroweye’s eGiftcard solution was created with flexibility, security and consumer engagement in mind.  No matter the method of redemption your program requires, be it barcodes, PIN or text, our platform dynamically and securely distributes and delivers on demand.

Shoppers can customize a card design with a photo or a logo, or select from a design gallery. When you can create branded digital gift cards tying to special themes or marketing promotions, that’s when you amplify brand awareness and card sales.  Also, gift-givers can also deliver a notification directly to the recipient’s Facebook wall and make gifting a social event.

With our history of innovation, Arroweye continues to deliver a speedy, seamless and secure gifting experience that brings convenience, instant gratification and peace of mind to shoppers, recipients and businesses.

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