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  • Patented On-Demand technology eliminates inventory and stops the clock on EMV chip expiration

  • 100% in-house production ensures card issuers can meet October’s liability shift deadline

  • Vertical and flat card printing enhance existing custom card and carrier options

Arroweye Solutions, the only digital on-demand payment technology firm, is now offering enhanced EMV credit and debit card production capabilities for banks, credit unions and prepaid card providers that are preparing for the October 2015 EMV liability shift. Arroweye is already the first and only provider of fully customizable, digital On-Demand EMV production, from personalization and printing to milling and embedding, custom packaging and fulfillment.

Patented On-Demand Technology Eliminates Inventory and Stops the Clock on EMV Chip Expiration
“Arroweye eliminates considerable risk because there are no card forecasts to make and no inventory to invest in or store,” said Render Dahiya, Arroweye CEO. “The expiration clock doesn’t even start on EMV chips until issuers need to put one in a cardholder’s hand, so concerns about card “shelf-life” are off the table. This simplifies and streamlines card production and management at start-up and over time.”

By managing 100% of the EMV card production process in house, and eliminating third-party personalization houses and vendors for chip milling and embedding, Arroweye also reduces time, handling costs and risk of error or fraud associated with traditional card production. The no-inventory model eliminates numerous inventory costs including spoilage, shredding, shipping, and secure storage.

Full-service Integration, Production, Customization and Fulfillment
EMV card migration starts by customizing the program to exact issuer EMV card specifications, from chip type and card verification method, to card style, layout, and design. Approved by all four major card networks, Arroweye offers a universal, global platform supporting the highly secure online and offline card authentication inherent in an EMV card. Seamless integration, production and fulfillment includes navigation of the entire EMV migration process, including association certification and best practices for cardholder communication.

Total Flexibility in Card and Carrier Design Opens the Door to One-to-One Marketing
While traditional production models force issuers to make a costly tradeoff between EMV production and personalization Digital-On-Demand printing maintains full marketing and customization flexibility. Arroweye is the only provider that can customize everything down to the individual card and the card carrier at any scale. Customized carriers are even more important during the transition to EMV, when card issuers must educate cardholders about using their new EMV card, while managing ongoing marketing campaigns and changes in regulatory requirements or terms and conditions. Issuers can chose any combination of personalization elements – from embossed or flat cards, vertical or horizontal print orientation, and even a custom image or messages on every single card and carrier – all for any print run, from a single card to millions of new EMV cards.


About Arroweye
Arroweye is a leading, single-source provider of innovative card marketing and production solutions for the financial service, prepaid and retail industries. The company’s digital on-demand technology creates a more efficient and cost-effective model for card marketers and issuers, giving them a highly customizable solution to increase their program’s speed to market, adoption rates and profitability. Founded in 2000, Arroweye offers the first fully-digital card solution approved by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover and continues to partner with some of the largest prepaid, credit/debit card programs in the financial and card services industries. For more information, visit

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