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Arroweye is a Team of Innovators, Technologists and Customer Advocates.

At Arroweye, we believe there is a sweet spot where innovation, agility and efficiency together can unlock all business possibilities. We have uniquely developed a game-changing, award-winning on-demand technology platform for card marketers and issuers where any degree of design and customization on each card is possible. And to sweeten the deal, it comes with higher engagement and growth on investment. The results are clear when you partner with Arroweye—increase programs’ speed to market, adoption rates and profitability. Founded in 2000 with an entrepreneurial culture, we have brought together the best team of experts who have the drive to innovate and the commitment to help our clients grow. These are the unique elements we employ for each client we work with. This is who we are. This is Arroweye. Learn more about how we operate

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  • Peter M. Krauss

    Peter M. Krauss

    President & CEO
    "Our goal is to create an environment that provides the best employee and client experience."

    As President and CEO of Arroweye, Peter is responsible for running all facets of business. Peter focuses on growing the business with strategic approaches while concentrating and embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, and on the vision and mission of the company.

    Peter Krauss is an accomplished manufacturing executive with more than 20 years in sales, marketing, and operations within the card manufacturing space. For the last 10 years, Peter’s experience had driven profitability and market share for one of the largest card manufacturing companies, Plasticard Locktech International, culminating in the successful sale of the business to a Private Equity Fund in 2018.

    As a strategist and accessible leader, Peter is known for spurring growth and profitability with expertise in developing and delivering targeted customer solutions. His strong contract management and negotiation skills continually raise customer retention by creating individualized product needs. Peter approaches each new business challenge with intrinsic aptitude for innovation, creative problem solving, and measured risk taking to incite consistent bottom-line improvements and shareholder returns.

    Peter’s passion to create the best customer and employee experience is what inspires his decisions on a daily basis. As a change agent, his focus is on cutting edge technologies coupled with tried and true operational efficiencies to propel a cost efficient, yet customer dedicated organization.

    As an avid car collector, Peter enjoys car events and races. Peter also enjoys the many restaurants and other local attractions in Las Vegas.

  • Brian Huse

    Brian Huse

    Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer
    “Arroweye is at its best - We are big enough to have a stable base and solid processes, but small enough to turn on a dime to service a customer’s needs or meet a new challenge in the marketplace.”

    A co-founder of Arroweye and co-author of its eight patents, Brian Huse has a deep understanding of technology, process and system optimization.  As CIO, Brian focuses on the system’s technical integrity and agility, making sure the physical network, data services and production services are secure, scalable and optimized to serve our clients.

    With more than two decades of experience designing information systems for companies such as Xerox and Electronic Data Systems, Brian has the tools and expertise to architect and implement agile technical solutions. He’s lead Arroweye’s certification process with Visa and MasterCard, and works with complex financial networks to ensure the best integration for the client, while never losing sight of a client’s most important network — the one they’re building with their next card campaign.

    In addition to being a true techie at heart, Brian enjoys outdoor photography, camping, off-roading and tinkering with his tricked out jeep.

  • Mica Moseley

    Mica Moseley

    Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development
    “When customers win, we win.”

    Mica Moseley comes to Arroweye after more than two decades spent building a winning and enriching sales culture at market leaders such as FedEx Kinko’s and GMAC, where he translated exceptional outreach with a passionate pursuit of solutions for his clients.

    As Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Mica focuses on win-win solutions that are as on-demand and personalized as Arroweye’s technology. Mica believes in the start-up mindset of constant and agile innovation and improvement, and constantly strives to help clients find ways to deliver a return on investment that will make them succeed.

    Mica has always been active in community organizations, including Mortgage Bankers Association, Sports Education Foundation, Utah East Africa Foundation, as well as Big Brothers Big Sisters. He also enjoys coaching football and baseball, spending time with family and adventure racing!

  • Michael Cogan

    Michael Cogan

    Chief Financial Officer
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