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With all the complexity in an EMV transition, let Arroweye’s EMV On-Demand take you through the smart card integration.

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8 Industry Patents

8 Industry Patents

Proud recipient of eight industry patents, we are a payment technology company constantly bringing innovation and new ideas in every solution we put forth.

Industry Awards

Industry Awards

EMV has changed how card issuers produce cards and manage risk.

With the many moving parts and the high degree of complexity in migrating to EMV, you want to select a partner that has the proven record in payment innovations and adaptability in chip technology.

Let Arroweye focus on program changes and fulfillment, while you focus on what you know best, your customers. With over 20 years in the industry and eight patents, we have proudly developed a technology-driven card marketing and fulfillment platform that delivers flexible low risk, and customized card campaigns all within days, not weeks. With our platform you can launch EMV faster, test, and adjust campaigns at your own pace.

More Flexibility to Adapt to Changes

The one-size-fits-all model is no longer efficient especially when comes to an international audience. With Arroweye, you can harness unlimited customization capabilities for EMV card programs and build hyper-targeted marketing campaigns, which are proven to increase adoption and customer affinity.

Universal EMV Platform

Approved by major card networks, Arroweye offers a universal, global platform supporting the highly secure online and offline card authentication inherent in an EMV (and DI) card. No matter the type of cardholder’s verification methods you choose – Chip/Pin, Chip/Signature or Chip only, our EMV solution has unmatched flexibility to configure card programs to your specific needs.

Lower Risk

Financial institutions are making decisions now that can impact their ability to respond to market and regulatory changes in the future. They have to find ways to control costs. Our EMV On-Demand provides a no-inventory, highly flexible solution that provides the agility to launch a new Program, make changes, and test pilot EMV programs. It is a low-risk approach with room to grow as you determine the long-term EMV model.

Integration and Implementation Service

To ensure accuracy and seamless execution from program setup, CVM to card production and personalization, Arroweye’s EMV On-Demand provides a suite of agile integration services for any platform, processors and client requirements. Whether you want to pilot a new EMV travel program or convert a program from traditional to EMV, our insights and experience in dynamic technology will facilitate a smooth transition.

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