Arroweye’s flexible, no-inventory card production capabilities support BankPro’s customers and growth trajectory 

HENDERSON, Nev., April 4, 2024 – Arroweye Solutions, the only provider of just-in-time payment cards, has announced a new partnership with BankPro Limited, a subsidiary of FxPro Group, that provides professional banking services, including e-money and digital investment solutions, as its exclusive provider of dual interface (contact and contactless) debit cards to customers in the Caribbean.

BankPro delivers a unique, integrated financial hub that caters to the needs of the mass affluent market. Through this collaboration with Arroweye, BankPro will enhance its offering with high-quality, customizable debit cards tailored to its clients’ sophisticated needs through a flexible card program that can scale quickly as its platform continues to grow.

“This partnership not only allows us to meet the payment needs of our customers in the Caribbean but also supports our ambitious growth trajectory,” says Paolo Broccardo, Chief Operating Officer of BankPro. “We chose Arroweye for its just-in-time production capabilities that combine quality and efficiency, eliminating the expense and hassle of inventory management. Arroweye’s flexibility empowers us to scale card volume quickly in response to customer growth, ensuring we remain agile in the years ahead.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with BankPro and support its mission to offer exceptional banking and investment services. Our on-demand production model is designed to cater to the needs of clients like BankPro that value quality, flexibility, and innovation,” says Mica Moseley, Chief Revenue Officer at Arroweye. “We look forward to supporting BankPro’s growth and providing their cardholders with premium card products that enhance their banking experience.”

This partnership aligns with Arroweye’s commitment to innovation in the financial sector, offering scalable solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern financial institutions and fintechs like BankPro. Through this partnership, Arroweye continues to set new standards in the payment card industry, demonstrating the power of technology to transform financial services and deliver unparalleled value to clients.

Arroweye Solutions

Arroweye Solutions is a leading provider of digital on-demand payment card production and fulfillment services. Utilizing patented technology, Arroweye offers a fully customizable and scalable solution that eliminates the need for pre-printed card inventory, enabling financial institutions to respond quickly to market demands and customer needs. With a focus on flexibility, efficiency, and quality, Arroweye empowers banks, credit unions, and fintech companies to deliver superior cardholder experiences. Visit for more information.

BankPro Limited 

BankPro Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of The Bahamas, providing hassle-free banking services alongside a multi-asset investment platform. Its offerings include global multi-currency transfers at the best possible FX rates, VISA debit/credit cards, personal banking services, financial analytics, and more.

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