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8 Industry Patents

8 Industry Patents

Proud recipient of eight industry patents, we are a payment technology company constantly bringing innovation and new ideas in every solution we put forth.

Industry Awards

Industry Awards

The three biggest ways to screw up employee incentive programs — and how you can fix them.

By: Render Dahiya, Arroweye Solutions CEO

The employee incentives industry offers companies a seemingly endless selection of rewards, incentives and gifts designed to help boost employee satisfaction, stimulate sales teams or prioritize one initiative ahead of another. A great incentive program can help achieve any or all of these goals, but without strategic planning it can quickly become exceptionally costly, time-consuming and hard to manage. The truth is that not all rewards are created equal. So how do companies streamline incentive programs and drive results?

Here are three of the most common mistakes companies make when leveraging employee incentive programs, as well as some guidance for overcoming them.


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