Arroweye offers the fastest, most efficient prepaid card production in the industry. Prepaid card providers can launch a new, fully personalized card program, whether you need 5,000 or 2,000,000 cards, in as little as 24 hours.

Our efficient, just-in-time production means prepaid cards are in your customers’ wallets just days after setup, accelerating market entry and allowing you to concentrate on card activation, funding, and growth.

Unmatched Flexibility in Prepaid Card Production

Arroweye is the only card printing and personalization provider that offers prepaid programs total flexibility and control.

Whether you need to make a last-minute design or insert change or have a new client that needs cards in the market immediately, Arroweye can easily ramp production to meet your evolving needs and handle change requests. In the past year, Arroweye managed more than 6,000 client program changes with two days average turnaround.

Prepaid card production for health savings accounts (HSAs), Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs), Earned Wage Access (EWA) cards, payroll cards, rebates/rewards and government program

Fluctuations in card demand are the norm for many prepaid card programs, yet most traditional card manufacturers are ill-equipped to manage those spikes. Prepaid providers can count on Arroweye’s flexibility to handle any changes with ease, whether it’s open enrollment season, a hiring surge, or a quick turnaround on a government prepaid card program payout.

For programs like Earned Wage Access, providers must follow numerous state and federal regulations and ensure their terms and conditions and all inserts are up to date. Only Arroweye’s unique production process enables card providers to dynamically print cards and inserts in real time to meet evolving needs without pre-printed collateral to store or destroy.

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Arroweye’s state-of-the-art, just-in-time production gives prepaid card programs a competitive edge. It enables you to scale quickly to meet unexpected spikes in card demand and seamlessly support multiple card programs.

Durable, Vibrant Cards to Enhance Your Brand

Choose from a wide range of card materials and features, including vertical and horizontal orientation, foil, gloss, matte and more.

Our unique personalization process enables dynamic co-branded logo printing that integrates beautifully with your design. Your design comes to life on a durable card that looks and feels great.

The zero-inventory advantage for prepaid card printing

Say goodbye to upfront inventory expenses, unnecessary storage costs, and card and collateral waste with Arroweye’s innovative zero inventory prepaid card production. This approach not only eliminates upfront inventory and storage costs but also minimizes waste, ensuring you pay only for the cards that are shipped—never for excess inventory.

Personalized prepaid marketing that helps your brand stand out

Connect with your customers through distinctively personalized branded prepaid cards, inserts and carriers. Our prepaid card production capabilities offer endless dynamic customization options, enabling a unique cardholder experience without the burden of inventory management or waste. Arroweye’s personalization services are unmatched in the card production industry and ensure your cards are memorable and effective marketing tools.

Open loop Visa, Mastercard and Discover gift cards

With Arroweye, there is no limit to the number of open loop Visa and Mastercard gift card designs that prepaid providers can have. Our zero inventory production model means that prepaid providers can bring numerous design visions to life without the burden of inventory management, storage costs or waste.

Our open loop gift card production also provides unparalleled customization and flexibility. We deliver vivid, superior-quality cards through our state-of-the-art dynamic printing that helps enhance your brand and captivate your customers.

Need to put cards in customers’ hands quickly? See what Arroweye can do for you.

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