The Governor of Nevada addressed the State this evening and announced the mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses in the State of Nevada for 30 days. Although this is primarily targeting Restaurants, Bars, Casinos, Movie Theatres and other business segments, the executive order could be perceived to also apply to Arroweye Solutions. It does not. 

Fortunately the Governor specifically called out all Financial related services as Essential businesses that will stay open. This is the designation within our state that applies to us. The businesses we serve and the many clients they serve rely on the cards we produce to live. They enable on-line and mobile purchases and in some cases are the way in which people receive their payroll, child support, alimony or State Support payments. These cards will be needed now more than ever as many people are quarantined in their homes nationwide. We need to, and will remain open both in Henderson, Nevada as well as in our Louisville Kentucky Plant.

These are trying and unprecedented times. Arroweye continues to follow CDC and WHO guidelines to protect the health and safety of our team members and we remain committed to serving the needs of our valued clients.

Thank you, 

Peter M Krauss

President & CEO

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