Payment cards help bridge the gap between digital and physical banking channels, enhancing FinTech’s suite of financial products

Arroweye Solutions, the only provider of just-in-time payment cards, has been selected by Synctera, a leading FinTech Banking provider powering the future of financial innovation, as its card solution provider. Arroweye will support the FinTech platform’s new guided developer experience, t-minus10, with customized cards designed and produced for each unique order.

t-minus10 is an intuitive workspace that allows FinTech developers and entrepreneurs to quickly create any financial use-case, including card issuance, on the Synctera platform. It also includes a live banking environment where FinTech builders can test their new apps with real money and a real bank. t-minus10 provides an end-to-end solution to launch new FinTech and banking use cases in days, as opposed to months or years. Arroweye is supporting Synctera with card solutions for the next generation of innovative FinTech developers.

“We are proud to be Synctera’s trusted partner helping the next generation of FinTech builders and innovators launch new and innovative banking solutions into the market faster and more efficiently,” said Mica Moseley, Chief Revenue Officer at Arroweye. “One of our top priorities is to support the entire payments ecosystem — from early-stage to established FinTechs, community banks, and beyond. Synctera’s ability to do so via innovative applications that bridge the gap between digital and physical payments delivers more comprehensive benefits to cardholders— driving positive progress in this payments evolution.”

“Our customers need robust financial solutions to differentiate themselves in the competitive banking industry. Incorporating a nimble payment card program into a digital banking platform supports that goal,” said Peter Hazlehurst, CEO, and co-founder of Synctera. “Even in a digital-first era, FinTechs need physical cards to appeal to a diverse customer base. Our clients value speed and scalability, and Arroweye’s flexible, just-in-time production model supports this vision while giving FinTechs greater control over their card program.”

Arroweye’s technology-driven platform delivers low-risk, customized card campaigns through a zero inventory, no waste card production and fulfillment model that supports the FinTech community on demand. Using dynamic card production methods and leaning on its technology resources, Arroweye can onboard new programs in days and scale orders as needed via its just-in-time production capabilities.

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