A leading innovator in the payment card space, Arroweye constantly searches for innovative ways to expand payment applications to new markets.

For 15 years, we have been successful in bringing concept and ideas to live, solving problems for our customers.  Most of all, we offer a partnership of guidance, expertise and collaboration in technology-driven payment solutions that is critical to opening up new markets and new programs.

City of Oakland ID Debit Card Secure

Last year, City of Oakland, California was looking to provide a low cost banking solution to community services and a secure financial solution to the under-banked who were unable to obtain a proper identity such as driver’s license or state ID card.  Arroweye joined forces with Praxell and ABNote to create the first dual purpose credit and ID card, providing underbanked consumers with expanded financial opportunities.

Card fulfillment became wish fulfillment when thousands of consumers were able to access civil services and secure financial opportunities at a low fee.  To go further, the success of this program has proven that Arroweye’s digital on-demand advantage is scalable and customizable, perfect for all size and manner of municipalities and governments.

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