Industry Awards

Industry Awards

Keeping our clients first. That’s how we produce results.  When our clients win, we win. Hear what our clients have to say about us.

“Arroweye Solutions gives us the ability to provide our financial institutions customized, unique debit card solutions which constantly evolve with technology and demand.  We understand that our success is directly related to our partners ability to serve our customers effectively, efficiently and with quality products.  Arroweye is a key partner in our go to market strategy.”

– Jeff Young, Director of Debit Solutions, TransFund, Vice President, BOK Financial.

“Providing our financial institutions solutions which drive down cost, increase quality as well as provide a breadth of capabilities is critical to our success and Arroweye is a strategic partner in the value proposition we bring to our financial institutions.”

– Michael Kelly, COO, TransFund, Senior Vice President, BOK Financial.

“Eliminating inventory is the greatest benefit to us from having moved to an on-demand platform. It allows us speed to market with custom branded materials, as well as great flexibility as things change, both with our clients and with our issuing bank. With a constantly changing regulatory environment, we can quickly make updates to materials without having to destroy inventory, reprint and re-fulfill. Now as we get new card programs, we always look at on-demand first.”

– Stephen Faust, President, Prepaid Technologies

“For us, the benefit of an on-demand model is half in the product and half in the partnership.  It’s really easy to share a partnership with a company if you share similar goals and similar traits.  We wouldn’t be able to accomplish some of the things we’ve accomplished without Arroweye. We tremendously value our partnership with Arroweye.”

– Brian Levin, CFO, daVinci Prepaid

“We’re excited to partner with Arroweye on our card programs. The flexibility and turnaround times provided by their print on-demand capabilities have greatly helped us in our ability to manage our own inventory as well as meet the demands of our customers for their co-branded and custom card designs. Arroweye’s unique technology allows us to meet all or our production time-lines, no matter the order size, and gives both our cardholders and our corporate customers a truly special product.”

– Brad Golden, President, NUMI Financial

“Digital On-Demand has opened up new markets for our business. Previously, we would end up not getting business because we couldn’t fulfill without a huge upfront cost and commitment to a large inventory of cards. Now, when it’s all said and done we’re going to have a lot more cards in the market than we did before we had this solution.”

– John Pullin, Vice President of Operations, Ficentive




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