Co-Branded Trade Association Credit Card Programs  

HENDERSON, Nev., June 18, 2024 – Arroweye Solutions, the only provider of just-in-time payment cards, is now delivering custom, co-branded credit cards to Affiniti Finance and their dozens of association clients across nine industries. Affiniti, a fintech innovator that serves overlooked small business industries across the United States, is leveraging Arroweye’s technology to enable trade association partners to offer co-branded, association-endorsed credit cards to small businesses.  

Each card program has unique co-branding, custom card designs and carriers, and industry-specific features and rewards, and cards are produced dynamically without the need to forecast or manage inventory. 

“We have dozens of associations we will launch over the next 12 months,” said Aaron Bai, CEO of Affiniti. “Arroweye is the only card production partner who can meet this demand for so many different card designs and program terms, and quickly launch new programs for partners of all sizes (from thousands to millions of members) with zero complicated inventory work.” 

Since partnering with Arroweye, Affiniti has seen a 15-fold increase in revenues and Arroweye’s technology and infrastructure will help Affiniti continue to launch custom card programs at scale as the company grows. 

Today, each average small business on the Affiniti platform uses more than three different Affiniti cards for their team, underscoring the widespread adoption and effectiveness of Affiniti’s financial solutions, and the demand for versatile card programs. 

“Affiniti is making the most of Arroweye’s dynamic production and personalization capabilities, and it’s clear their model resonates with associations and the small businesses they serve,” said Mica Moseley, Arroweye Chief Revenue Officer. “We’re thrilled to support their ongoing growth and innovation.” 

Arroweye has transformed card production with its zero inventory, just-in-time credit card production process. That means card issuers only pay for the cards they need when they need them, eliminating any upfront inventory costs, storage costs, and waste. 

About Arroweye Solutions 

Arroweye Solutions is the only provider of dynamic, just-in-time payment card production and fulfillment services. Using patented technology, Arroweye offers a fully customizable and scalable solution that eliminates the need for pre-printed card inventory, enabling financial institutions, fintechs, prepaid programs and others to respond quickly to market demands and customer needs. Visit or connect with us on LinkedIn to see how we do see how we do it. 

About Affiniti Finance 

Affiniti is reshaping the fintech landscape by onboarding underserved small businesses to cutting-edge financial technology products and services. By leveraging its partnerships with trade associations, Affiniti delivers tailored credit solutions to small businesses, empowering them with the financial tools for success. For additional information, visit and connect with us on LinkedIn for insights and updates. 

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