Arroweye’s on-demand, scalable production capabilities to drive Solid’s FinTech programs, with never-before-seen card experiences.

 Solid, a leading FinTech platform that instantly creates bank accounts, sends payments, and issues cards, has selected Arroweye Solutions, the only provider of just-in-time payment cards, as its card production and fulfillment provider.

Solid offers a fully integrated and compliant suite of FinTech products and services. The only modern FinTech platform of its kind, Solid offers fully managed and compliant banking, payment, and card services via simple APIs. Software companies can now launch FinTech offerings in weeks, powered by the Solid platform.

“One of our top priorities is helping our clients launch and scale their FinTech initiatives. We provide an embedded banking experience that enables our partners to meet their customers where they are, fulfill their card needs, and facilitate growth,” said Arjun Thyagarajan, co-founder and CEO of Solid. “Thanks to Arroweye’s flexible card production capabilities, we help our clients put cards in their users’ hands quickly and efficiently – creating delightful product experiences that leave a lasting impression.”

Arroweye’s flexible, on-demand card fulfillment and production capabilities directly support Solid’s programs through scalable card orders – all via a no inventory, zero-waste model.

“Solid’s platform provides access to cards and banking services typically out of reach for smaller organizations that go up against juggernaut financial institutions. Accessibility to the same resources that come along with modern developer-friendly interfaces, offer competitive end-to-end client experiences that build long-term relationships,” said Mica Moseley, chief revenue officer at Arroweye. “An effective card program can engage customers via seamless, meaningful payment experiences. We applaud Solid for offering its clients powerful tools that drive growth and facilitate innovation.”

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