SHAZAM’s fintech, credit union, and banking clients will benefit from industry-leading payment cards produced on-demand.

SHAZAM, Inc., a national provider of financial services to community financial institutions, has selected Arroweye Solutions as its third party payment cards provider. Arroweye, the only provider of just-in-time payment cards, production, and fulfillment, will supply debit and credit cards for SHAZAM’s more than 1,100 small- to large-sized bank, credit union, and fintech clients beginning in June.

“We selected Arroweye for our program to streamline the card personalization, production and fulfillment needs of our clients. Arroweye’s flexible card fulfilment capabilities coupled with their ability to handle the card volumes our clients require while keeping up with increasing demand were key to our partnership,” said Manish Nathwani, senior vice president, product development at SHAZAM. “Arroweye has a reputation for producing high-quality products on short turnaround, providing superior customer service and helping businesses deepen cardholder relationships.”

Arroweye offers unmatched flexibility and scalability that will enable SHAZAM to have total control over every aspect of their clients’ card programs. Using the industry’s most cost-effective and agile production model, SHAZAM will be able to deliver top-quality cards in days, not weeks. Among the popular, more versatile options SHAZAM’s clients can choose from are Arroweye’s dual interface cards that support physical and contactless payments.

“Today’s financial institutions need customized solutions and nimble card programs that can turn on a dime. Our product suite can be leveraged by financial institutions of all sizes and tailored to their individual needs so they can put the right cards in the right hands—and wallets—quickly,” said Mica Moseley, Chief Revenue Officer at Arroweye Solutions. “As we saw last year, market trends evolve and emerge rapidly. Our patented Digital On-Demand technology enables partners to respond to fluctuating changes and eliminates the need for forecasting or waste. This will allow SHAZAM’s clients to deliver the most relevant, modern cards available without driving up costs or complicating the production process.”

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